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2019 Workshops

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The Standing Committee of the One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100) commissioned the convening of two focused studies. They both offered interactive study-workshops, in support of its ongoing reflections and deliberations leading to the issuance of its next report. Coding Caring: Human Values for an Intimate AI, explored uses of AI technologies in such intimate settings as healthcare and personal advice, organized by leaders at Stanford University’s McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society. The second workshop, Prediction in Practice focused on the rising uses and importance of advisory systems built via machine learning. The workshop’s leaders are involved in Cornell University’s initiative on Artificial Intelligence, Policy, and Practice and Upturn, a nonprofit focused on technology and equity.

These study-workshops are intended to be taken as input by the Study Panel in order to help give shape to the next AI100 report on the influences of AI on people and society.

To learn more about the study-workshops, please read their Report summary below.



The reports were the subject of an IJCAI 2020 panel discussion among members of the AI100 Standing Committee and some of the workshop leaders.  View the discussion